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NYC Veggie Pride Parade

Veggie Pride Parade 2008 in NYC

Show #93 - May Day for Vegans

May 12, 2010

May 14-16th, 2010 there will be vegan events going on all over the US. This short podcast features interviews with event organizers. Pamela Rice tells us about this year's Veggie Pride Parade in NYC on May 16th. Jessica Mahady talks about the Veggie Prom in NYC on May 14th. And finally, Billy Hulting returns to the show to talk about the Worldfest in Los Angeles on May 16th.

Veggie Pride Parade 2009 photo by Derek Goodwin

Show #87 - The Veggie Brothers' Cosmic Meatballs

January 14, 2010

Show 87 was recorded on November 5th of 2009. Our feature interview is with Michael Balducci of The Veggie Brothers. We originally met at the Veggie Pride Parade. The Veggie Brothers mails delicious vegan meals made by an award-winning vegan chef all over the US and Canada, packaged in frozen vacuum-sealed bags that you can boil and serve.

Penelo Peapod at the Veggie Pride Parade in New York City.

Show #57 - Veggie Pride & Thanking The Monkey

May 8, 2008

Our 57th show features interviews with two prominent animal rights activists who are involved in fun events happening in NYC on Sunday May 18th, 2008. The first is Pamela Rice who has put together the first ever Veggie Pride Parade which will march through the meat district and feature vegan rocker Cheryl Hill and a marriage ceremony officiated by Vegan Radio favorite Dave Warwak.

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