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Creating a Vegan Family


Doing the best we can.

Well Vegan Radio listeners, I'm here to talk a little bit about being perfect. This is something I know EVERYTHING about, being perfect and all. (note sarcasm) I have been around the vegan scene for a few years now and I fall more in love with the people I surround myself with as days go on. The acceptance of each other for who we are and the expectations placed on each other are so much friendlier than that of my other social scene experiences. I am not sure if anyone else reading this is tired of the question, "What do you do?"

Veganism and Yoga Sutra I:33

Yoga Sutra I:33
maitrī karuṇā mudito pekṣāṇāṁ sukha duhka punya āpunya visayāṇām bhāvanātaś citta-prasādanaṁ

To preserve the innate serenity of the mind, one should be happy for those who are happy, compassionate for those who are suffering, delighted for those who are virtuous, and indifferent towards the wicked.

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