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Alternative Energy

Veggie Oil

In 2007 we drove a school bus nearly 4000 miles almost entirely on waste vegetable oil siphoned from restaurant oil dumpsters. We don't recommend this as a major lifestyle choice, but we can attest that veggie oil is a viable fuel, and it doesn't smell too bad either! Vegetable oil, unlike petroleum, doesn't release any "new" carbon into the atmosphere, and so you could call it "carbon neutral." It still produces carbon dioxide, some water, and some hydrocarbons, so it's a polluter. Electric vehicles would be a better ideal, if not for the poisons currently required to build them.

Wave Energy
Nuclear Fusion
Zero-Point Energy?

There's a lot of buzz on the internet about the possibility of harvesting energy directly from matter at rest, due to some notions about electrical potential in the void, quantum-electro-dynamic effects, and other things we don't pretend to understand. A similar idea is to harvest ambient electricity directly from the air using some kind of electron sponge. Fans of Atlas Shrugged will find no cause to rejoice, however, as so far no one has invented a machine that can do either of these things, and no one has proposed these ideas as better alternatives to solar and wind. Nanotechnology might lead to unexpected breakthroughs, so stay tuned.