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About Vegan Radio

Vegan Radio is a show about vegan culture; animal rights, healthy diet, food and lifestyle, and how they fit into the broader issues of environmentalism, spirituality, politics, and Salsa dancing. We bring an entertaining and sometimes humorous perspective to the subjects of diet, animal rights, arts, media, and personal ethics in a global world. Vegan Radio aims to be a show that omnivores will enjoy as much as vegetarians and vegans, to help raise these connected issues in a way that doesn't put people off. We often feature a musical guest.

Your Hosts Are...

  • Derek Goodwin, animal activist, photographer, yogi, visionary.
  • Lauren Villani You can call me Lo Vee. Musician, animal activist, fruit lover, figure skater...
  • Megan Shackelford, Venusian founder of Oh Sweet Mama's Vegan Bakery.
  • Scott Lahteine, computer geek, philosophizer, musician, nose for news, and our webmaster!
  • Jilian Oder, vegan chef, blogger of culinary treats, our new high-spirited recruit.

When, where, why?

We used to broadcast every odd Thursday at 7:00pm EST on WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM, Northampton. This year we are transitioning to a podcast-only format, in conjunction with the new website. While not as predicable as before, we expect a richer experience with more travelogues, interviews, and off the cuff jams.

Podcast Links

We publish our podcast through Google Feedburner, and this same feed also goes out to iTunes. If all you want is the audio podcast, you should use one of these links:

Enhanced News Feed

Now that Vegan Radio is driven by high-tech machine elves we are able to offer an enhanced feed experience that includes our full Podcast plus all the News, Articles, and Videos we publish. This is the best option for RSS readers, smart phones, iPads, and other touch devices:

Vegan Voicemail

Did we feature something on our show that inspired you? Do you have an issue with soy that you need to get off your chest? Whatever's on your mind, leave us some Audio Feedback which we may play on the air!

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